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Listen to the Radio Shopping Show For Lotion Bar Cafe Gift Certificates!!

We are now on the radio shopping show !!! Woo hoo ! Tune in to 1580 am radio mon -friday 7-9 and 11-1 listen for great deals on area Merchandise for great price!!!!!! Let them know you heard it from our site:) AWESOME DEALS!!!!! You can redeam the certificates at the farmers market at the America the beautiful park on wed 3-7 starting June 10th and Margarita at pine creek  on sat 9-1

I hope you enjoy your savings!!!

GO TO  to see all the great deals!!!


Beer Soap for Fathers Day!!!

bristolHello all,

Fathers Day is right around the corner. Get your dad a bar of beer soap for the Big Day! We use Bristol Brewery Beer!

You can get it from us or go and visit the brewery on south tejon street. Tell them we sent you down there. They are our local brewery and we love them. Michelle is Awesome she is over the retail area there. You might even meet the owners Amanda and Mike Bristol! She can hook you up with a bar of winter worlock ( stout beer with hint of vanilla and oats) or the laughing lab ( we put apricot kernal seeds for exfoliation) the seeds are great for getting all the grime of those hard working hands. 

We will also have gift baskets soon there which include both bars of soap and a sisal bag to put the soap in and a metal tin that has there logos on it. woo hoo what a gift ! Stop by the brewery or give me a call!



Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back to see ! Lots of exciting things going on!!

New soap, new lip balm and more!