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Farmers market—first week!!!!

Wow what a week , it was awesome to see all of our friends out at the markets. It is like seeing family:) This Year I am sharing a tent with Kirin Kinder she makes all Eco-Friendly dolls. Need a gift come out and see us, she has tooth fairy pillows that are adorable. Pickle pants, grumpy googins and other cute little names for her dolls. She has all new farmers totes that are eco friendly and stylish . Well do you want another contest? well leave a comment below and your name will be put in a drawing for an eco friendly kitten britches gift certificate. Whoo Hoo PICT0001PICT0077PICT0044


Famers Market Opens today!!!!!!


Swaziland “Trash Soap”

Swaziland Trash soap

Swaziland Trash soap

Match the soap to its real name and Win!!!

OK People, Here is a contest for you! Starting from Left to right the first one being a , b ,c and d Match the name of the soap to the letter . new soapPut your answers in the comment! Its that easy! There will be a drawing for the winner on june 10th so get your entries in. The names to choose from are Twilight, Sweet Thang , Wasoapi and lemon poppy seed. The winner will win a trip for two……Hahaha Just kidding you will win your choice of Soap and The exciting part of being our first Winner of our First contest!!! Ok I need coffee! VOTE and Good Luck!