Name the New Soap Being Crafted to Accompany the Release of the Children’s book, The Real-Life Princess

Name the new soap being created by Lotion Bar Café that has been blended specially for the book, The Real-Life Princess by Rebecca Dunning and receive each complimentary.

Holly Port of Lotion Bar Café and Rebecca Dunning, author of The Real-Life Princess, are celebrating their collaboration by announcing a contest. Lotion Bar Café, crafter of hand-made, all natural soaps and body treats is launching a new blend of soap specifically designed to compliment the story-line of The Real-Life Princess. The new soap will be all things girly in scent, pink in color and will come in the shape of a crown, which is a key element in the story-line of the new book. Submit your ideas to or or their respective face book fan page sites.

The contest is as follows:
The person to name the new soap will receive a complimentary copy of The Real-Life Princess and a bar of the newly dubbed soap. The naming contest extends until May 30, 2010 at noon, Mountain Standard Time. Friends and family members are welcome to join and all registrants agree to release all rights to the name and any future earnings upon entering the contest. The winner will be responsible for sending in their mailing address once they have been named the winner. Holly Port and Rebecca Dunning will post the winner on their sites and as well as their face book fan pages Awen House Publishing and Lotion Bar Café on May 30, 2010.

A blurb on The Real-Life Princess:
Join Zoë as she is captivated by the story of the peasant, Michaela. In this tale of poverty and pageantry, Michaela discovers she was never made to be the poor, dirty servant she’d always thought she was. As the King sees the “yes” in her heart, she finds herself brought into the life she’s always dreamed of. In this new life Michaela finds healing for her heart through the truth of who she was always meant to be. The Real-Life Princess is a powerful tale about the beauty and identity every girl’s heart can find only when she encounters the One True King.

The Real-Life Princess is to be released tentatively on May 30, 2010. It is a 35 page full-color book targeting girls ages 5-10 and available in soft cover. The genre is Christian Youth Fiction. Discounted pre-orders for the general public are being taken now in qualities of 1, 3, 5 and 10. The soap and book combination will be available for sale at various markets, book signings and similar venues, while The Real-Life Princess will be available on over 20,000 websites and various retail locations. Visit for details and information on wholesale pricing for qualified retailers.

There are no limits to the number of names you can submit, so get started today. Visit or or their respective face book fan pages to cast your entry today.