Have you ever seen someone and wonder how they got there? It’s all about the journey.They did not build Rome in a day right? Isn’t that what they say.lol… I love making soap and  lip balms  ect… But the REAL part of having this business is all the relationships that I have made,make and are making along the way.  I love encouraging other business woman and helping them as much as I can. When God gave me this business he had a plan. Heal my broken heart and  my loss and fill it with creativity and grace. If you look at the road ahead would you keep walking? What if its dark ? or the road is unstable? would you trust what is ahead or do you turn back?  Press forward is what I have learned, have faith and trust God ! I am thankful everyday for what he has given me. Having a business and being a christian has to be the hardest part. I have people who are so supportive and they make me smile. There are those waiting for you to fail, that hurts. Others you help and they turn there back on you. The journey is sometimes rough but when God is in control its worth it 🙂

Faith Soap

This is a mix of honey and amber which reminds me of the sweetness and bitterness of faith . I put mustard seeds in there for an exfoliant . There are yellow ones which you can not see but you can feel them(sometimes you don’t see faith working) and black ones for the times we can!

Faith is what Lotion Bar Cafe has been built on!