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Keep that light burning,Tea light testing for Bramble Berry S.O.A.P panel

By now I do not need to tell you my favorite scent!!!!!! lol …but¬† I will ūüôā

I use 100 % soy wax and Cotton wicks in our candles.

You can see there was a little discoloration in a few but not much. 

I burned these in my bathroom (small space ) for an hour then brought to the kitchen area for the rest of the time.

Soy wax I like using¬†it because it ¬†does melt at a lower temp and burns “clean” all the way down. But be careful when you sell at an outdoor market in the warm months.

Number 1  great throw great fresh floral scent

Number 2 again great throw and favorite of the 3 gardenias for candle

Number 3 this makes a great candle this was not as strong as the others

Number 4 very fresh lilac scent~ I think this mixed with a vanilla would be awesome

Number 5- sweet, sweet ,sweet smell ,creamy has a spice note (Honeysuckle)

Number 6 I was worried because I love this scent that it would not perform well. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT ! love……love….love……LOVE! I think I could break out in song and dance!

Number 7¬† hmm I like this scent ! ūüė¶ but I do not think it makes a great candle though …so sad (but ok it still is great in other products! Smells like green grass

Number 8  Herbal, powder, eucalyptus , creamy I liked it in candles!!

Number 9 I know I sound like I always seem to give it a negative review , but I think I have found what this scent will be good for. My sushi soaps!! yeah , this did not smell very good in my bathroom but it did have a good throw . I did not burn a candle the next day because I could still smell it! so yeah for that!:)

Number 10  Rose is what I smelled  not overpowering , notes of green mixed in too!

That was Fun! I took all the rest of the half  burned tea lights to Kansas this week to my husbands apartment ( he is working on a school out there , hopefully on for a few more months) His apartment never smelled so good!!!

Coming up next is my conclusion……. So sad Its over!!



My Fizzy People for S.O.A.P panel For Bramble Berry

I love baths ! I take one every night ! I love bath fizzies packed with skin softening butters! I wanted to make sure I tested a batch of these guys!

I know they are Gingerbread men ! But in my soapy world they are my Fizzy People . I wrote soapy people but it was really late when I made these , and when I took the picture I fixed it! lol

I made my batch of fizzy mix that is packed with oils and cocoa butter and shea butter. I mixed in a little cup and used my dropper and a spoon ti mix fast and pack in the mold. I made two one for me and one to share . I love paying it forward ! So for my fizzy people there where no discolorations .

These were tested in my bath for 10 days!!¬† I am not complaining….:) I love my bath time I was a little worried if I was going to like 5 or 9 though so I saved for my last two days..

Number 1 ~ it was nice and floral but not over powering

Number 2~this make a great bath fizzy scent great for summer!!!!!

Number 3~ This was my favorite of the 3 gardenias! Refreshing

Number 4~ Lilac bath it had creamy notes in the bath I really liked this too

Number 5~ It has a sweet note , It was not bad ( I tried to put my feelings aside ) really was not bad

Number 6~ HEAVEN really needs to be called that!!!!! ūüôā I was so sad that my bath had to end. And for some reason the one I had¬† to give disappeared………:) I do not know where it could be. OK I have it and no one is taking it!¬† ok back to the list people –

Number 7~ Fresh I liked it a lot!

Number 8 ~ Herbal bath time , with a cup of tea! love this in bath fizzy!

Number 9 ~ This scent is going to bug me so bad ! It has an earthy , seaweed, gingerish?

Number 10 ~reminded me of my Grandmothers rose-water but not Frenchy like , very fresh

Thanks for stopping by and reading all my ramblings of the s.o.a.p. panel results and I want to thank 

 Bramble Berry  too!   Holly

Room Spritzer testing with S.O.A.P Panel scents from Bramble Berry

So last week I made my Room spritzer and made mini ones using the test panel scents from Bramble berry . Well with them being small I sprayed my car and my small bath room. Well my car smelled so good when I went to my coffee shop the girl thought I had flowers in my car!

I wanted to test a lot of products that I make so I made lots of mini projects. These had 1 mil. of scent  I sprayed my car and went in to work for 6 hours and came out and my car still had great scent flowing through it.

Here are my thoughts of the scents for room sprays

number 1 ~~~~ Too much for a car but great for a bathroom spray~floral, flowery,straight scent

number 2~~~~ Love this room spray ~floral sweet light flower note

number3~~~~ this one was good too, floral, flowery stayed the longest out of the first 3

number 4~~~~fresh lilacs, relaxing flower notes this made a great room spray

number 5 ~~~~ hmmmmmm yeah did not play well ……………

number 6~~~~ ok I know I have talked a lot about six but dang it I love it and it has been number one in all my products so far!!! love love , fresh clean scent (still think it still is sweet pea)

number 7 — this one works as a room spray too! scent stayed strong (it did not fade) as fast as some.

number 8~~ This would make a great linen spray , herbal nots of eucalyptus

number 9~~~~ hmmm played in the same sandbox as number 5

number 10 ~~~ with the notes of rose , this would be a good a bathroom spray ~rose water

Thanks for letting me test on the s.o.a.p panel!

Next test was on bath fizzies!!!  results coming soon!


Fizzy POPS~

Looks like a sucker……but do not eat these!¬†

They are  a desert for your bath! Packed with Shea butter and Cocoa butter, that leaves your skin feeling so good!

Great for Baby showers, Birthdays, Party favors and Weddings!

Below are samples of the “tops” of the pops

They will have clear package and a ribbon on them ,just like real suckers.(picture on left)

I have them packaged 4 in a box called Bath Truffles

Below is a sample of the truffles…..These are for a special delivery¬† Thanks for stopping by . You can check out my new website * I am listing new product on their daily now at

These are $3.50 each or orders of 8 of more $3.25 each

The 4 pack bath truffles are $14.00 each and come in a clear box with ribbon

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon!

Lotion+Bramble Berry =LOVE

Alright just when I think I decided what I like …..I have found another love

I made my shea~aloe lotion and had cups all labeled and ready for the scents to be blended together!

cups of lotion waiting for the LOVE

I took each one and filled about 1.5 oz-2 oz of lotion and put .5ml of scent in each one

blending really well with a spoon!

After blending I placed in mini lotion bottles and labeled them ! I am taking all the leftovers that were left in cups to work . I will see how they like them in lotion now!

Now for the scent testing for me………

I took butcher paper and placed cups on there with the numbered cups on there so I could write the first thing that came to mind when smelling and testing the lotion! Worked great and clean up was easy!

Some of the notes I took where little different from  CP soap







#1 sweet , floral , fresh  ~~~ on skin very floral

#2 floral~on skin light floral

#3 Musky notes , floral flowery,~on skin did not like so much!

#4 lilac, fresh green grass,crisp~on skin fresh scent reminds me of summer

#5 Warm, vanilla ,sugary, creamy with a note of caramel ~on skin this one this one smells like toasted caramel scent (i know lol)but that is what I smell

#6 Fresh , sweat pea ,crisp , Love ūüôā ~on skin HEAVEN !!!!

#7 notes of grapefruit , clean ~on skin light and fresh ,love this one too now! Think this could be a e.o ?

#8 Eucalyptus, herbal~on skin almost has a menthol effect cooling on skin.Love

#9 tropical ~ on skin not a favorite kinda leaves a weird odor

#10 ROSE~on skin ROSE lol different from the baby rose from bb that I have. It has green notes

Well that was fun ! I do not have any dry skin with 10 days of lotion on me I am all good!!

Next posting will be on Room Spritzers (aka Room sprays)

Happy soaping!!

Testing New Scents in Cold Process Soap~

Wow what can I say , fresh Cp soap curing = yummo!

As I sit here and smell them one by one I have found my favorites ! As you can see number 3 is a light tan and number 5 is a darker tan (brown). Number 8 turned a mustard yellow. I used my goat’s milk recipe¬† with a little TD mixed in with this batch and used a shallow oval bar mold.

Now for the scents……

Number 1 Gardenia ~sweet, clean , true flower scent , not over powering ,creamy

Number 2 Gardenia~floral (I dont want this to sound bad but this smells like the spray they have in those atomatic sprayers in the public bathrooms) I like it lol

Number 3 gardenia more earth like , floral ,sweet

Number 4 lilacs fresh-cut with stems( green grass) love not over powering smells like grandmas back yard!

Number 5 creamy sugar note~ from the browning maybe vanilla

Number 6 I can not wait to find out what this one is!!!!!1 It has such a familiar smell  (maybe something that bath and body works sells) It was the winner of my blind test at work!! Very fresh clean , Refreshing calming scent maybe sweet pea? I love this one and will be buying this in 16 oz as soon as possible!!! ok moving on lol

number 7¬† smells like carnations and cucumber lol i¬†know but that’s¬†what i¬†smell !! it’s on my top 5 list

Number 8~ eucalyptus!!! hmm it turned yellow brownish color , There does not seem like vanilla is in it.  It should be called sleepy time! I will be ordering this also!!

Number 9 ~ ok this one I get an earthy note but also a seaweed smell, not an overpowering  hyacinths flower I am sure once I find out the scents I am going to laugh at these notes lol

Number 10 ~rose I know there is  rose in there!!!! It smells just like smelling a long stem rose!

I can not wait to order my favorites!!! This is such a blast. I am testing in my shea ~aloe lotion tomorrow!! And I will try to guess again ūüôā

Happy soaping

Bring on the lotion bars!

Lotion Bar Cafe would not have its name without them ūüôā

Lotion bars where the very first product that we made. Being a Bartender my hands where always chapped . Not anymore, lotion bars are a solid lotion . I use shea butter, cocoa butter, blend of oils and eo or fo’s.

I tested the Mystery Scents from Bramble Berry. It is amazing when you use the scents¬†in different products how it can enhance¬†the scent. Blending the scents with cocoa butter and shea¬†just make them yummy!!¬†.¬† I made mini lotion bars (I have too many testing projects to make normal ones) Got to get the most out of these little bottles. These little guys only used 3-5 drops and they smell Amazing. Even the #5 toned down (that or its just grown on me ūüôā )

Here¬†¬†are the lotion bars I made ……


I will be testing Room Spritzers tomorrow!! Can not wait~~~ See you soon!