Oh boy! Nothing like being excited to finally get to do something and BAM! you are sick as a dog and can not smell a darn thing! Well not so good when you have and amazing box of goodies from Bramble Berry!
As soon as I got my box I opened them all and wrote down a first impression of each!
#1 Gardenia – floral-sweet undertone smells like Gardenias from my grandmothers yard.
#2 Gardenia- Sweet Floral
#3 Gardenia- floral-little bitter note
#4 Mystery- Fresh , Floral,green grass (maybe lettuce note)
#5 mystery-warm , sugary ,carmel note
#6 Mystery-this scent seems familiar to me!!! very clean scent..hmmm
#7 Mystery Crisp, citrus, maybe grapefruit!
#8 Mystery notes of Eucalyptus, herbal
#9 Mystery clean, crisp, cucumber
#10 Mystery floral , blended with notes of rose?
Well that was first Impressions , I will have Melt and Pour Project Tomorrow and will post the finnished Project!