I am coming into the busiest season for Lotion Bar Café so I am crazy for doing this and it is  way out of my comfort zone but I want to do this challenge. So here I go

Day 1

I have joined a group of other Indies that BYB30DayReadydoing a 30 Blog Challenge, Called Blog Your Brand. Now I can not do this all alone I need your help. How you ask ? I want to know what you want to know!

You can post here, email me or on Facebook things you want to know. I love sharing and as most of you that email me know I answer them all.

Some of the things I have been asked this past month and I will be answering is.

  1. How do I put together and event like your Handmade Hollyday?
  2. How is laundry butter better than store bought detergents?
  3. How do I balance home and work life?
  4. What are my favorite products?
  5. You are worth it, even when you feel you like your not
  6. Gratitude
  7. Organization
  8. Finding your Christmas Spirit even though you started craft shows in September
  9. Simple recipes for Christmas gifts.
  10. What are lotion bars?

So thank you for joining me on this journey ! I am looking to grow in this area of weakness.

I do want to give a shout out to my son Josh today is my youngest sons birthday. I remember when I started this business he was just a little guy helping me at the farmers market set up and unload the car. Now he is a Senior in High School and he is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I love what I do and so thankful I get to be home with both of our boys, well for at least a little bit longer until they move out on their own.

Happy Birthday Josh!