Way out of my comfort zone…. but I am up for the challenge

I am coming into the busiest season for Lotion Bar Café so I am crazy for doing this and it is  way out of my comfort zone but I want to do this challenge. So here I go

Day 1

I have joined a group of other Indies that BYB30DayReadydoing a 30 Blog Challenge, Called Blog Your Brand. Now I can not do this all alone I need your help. How you ask ? I want to know what you want to know!

You can post here, email me or on Facebook things you want to know. I love sharing and as most of you that email me know I answer them all.

Some of the things I have been asked this past month and I will be answering is.

  1. How do I put together and event like your Handmade Hollyday?
  2. How is laundry butter better than store bought detergents?
  3. How do I balance home and work life?
  4. What are my favorite products?
  5. You are worth it, even when you feel you like your not
  6. Gratitude
  7. Organization
  8. Finding your Christmas Spirit even though you started craft shows in September
  9. Simple recipes for Christmas gifts.
  10. What are lotion bars?

So thank you for joining me on this journey ! I am looking to grow in this area of weakness.

I do want to give a shout out to my son Josh today is my youngest sons birthday. I remember when I started this business he was just a little guy helping me at the farmers market set up and unload the car. Now he is a Senior in High School and he is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I love what I do and so thankful I get to be home with both of our boys, well for at least a little bit longer until they move out on their own.

Happy Birthday Josh!



Handmade Hollyday!!! November 2nd !!!!

Handmade Hollyday!!! November 2nd !!!!

Bring your friends , two people will win soap for a year!!!

Column Swirl Soap Technique

Column Swirl Soap? Yep that is right! When Debbie Chialtas with Soapylove posted on Facebook  by  Non ci posso credere and called Pittura a cascata. Where the artists uses cups of paint and pours them on top of the column and lets the paint run down and then add another cup and another, and about 50 plus cups of paint make a beautiful piece of art.

I really wanted to try this in cold process and after seeing Amanda Griffin from lovin soaps and Erin Pikor of Naiad soap arts had tried it, it inspired me to do it!

I lined my 40 bar mold and got everything ready! I knew that was going to be the key , because you have to mix a lot of colors and pour over a column without it getting too thick.  My column was a post from Lowes and they even cut it for me 12 inches high and 4in x4in square. I wanted to make sure I used scents that I have tried before that I knew that they would not seize or get too hot!

My soap recipe has palm , coconut , olive oil in it. I mixed in my scent which is a blend of kentish rain and love spell …..a little love and rain from www.brambleberry.com  and used their micas to color! 

I put the column in the middle and started soaping away. I had made a video of each pouring 😦 for some reason I can not get it to upload!!) so sad  

At first trace I stopped and poured into the colors and blended well I used 7 colors ….Next time I am going to have a helper with me and see if I can make it with more colors.

It was so much fun to do! I could not wait to cut the bars and see I got up at 4 am to unmold 🙂

 I love how you can see so many of the colors!  ooooh can’t wait to try this again


Happy Soaping



Sad its over…..But so happy I got to play!

Well I am so sad that this testing is over. But I am thankful that I was chosen to do it.   When I got word I was chosen I was so excited !! I received the box and then realized I was getting sick .I wrote all my first impressions down and then the next morning I could not smell anything . I had to do something so I took them to my work place and did a blind test there writing down their favorites and least favorites . It was so much fun having them all involved. Cooks , managers, host, servers and even guest!

Then I wanted to make the most out of it and wanted to make them in as many products as I could . I have a lot of mini containers and molds that I use to send to stores for test products (ALWAYS GOOD TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY CAN FEEL ,SMELL, SEE AND USE) I have some 10ml little sprayers (great for room spray /linen , body spray samples and I see www.brambleberry.com is carrying them now. Yeah!

I have 1 oz lotion bottles (great for travel and samples to your big shoppers as a little bonus)

I really wanted to make this in a candle so we made little tea lights (it would have taken too much of my little bottle to use in a big candle)

CP soap I recently had bought a tote of molds/candy/soap ones at a yard sell (you never know when they will come in handy)like now there where some oval thin ones that held 2 oz of soap and they were perfect .

MP I am not a professional on the MP side but I am so drawn to the possibilities you can do with it that you can not do with CP I had never done MP until last year at conference and I had to choose to take a class that I really needed or take this class with Soapylove owner Debbie Chialtas and I have no clue of what it was Oh my Gosh Love!!! I made mini birds with the test scent and they are so cute.check out www.soapylove.com to see all of her amazing products!

I also made mini lotion bars in a heart-shaped mini ice tray , I had to make them they are a staple of Lotion Bar Cafe  and they where the perfect size.

Well there you have it! My Favorites where number Number 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Number 6 was my absolute  favorite!!!!!!

I am really thankful to Anne-Marie and her amazing staff  at bramble berry. I have been using her products  going on 5 years and have never had a complaint. I only order my scents from her anymore and I am never disappointed. I would love to test ANY product for them !!

Thank You




Keep that light burning,Tea light testing for Bramble Berry S.O.A.P panel

By now I do not need to tell you my favorite scent!!!!!! lol …but  I will 🙂

I use 100 % soy wax and Cotton wicks in our candles.

You can see there was a little discoloration in a few but not much. 

I burned these in my bathroom (small space ) for an hour then brought to the kitchen area for the rest of the time.

Soy wax I like using it because it  does melt at a lower temp and burns “clean” all the way down. But be careful when you sell at an outdoor market in the warm months.

Number 1  great throw great fresh floral scent

Number 2 again great throw and favorite of the 3 gardenias for candle

Number 3 this makes a great candle this was not as strong as the others

Number 4 very fresh lilac scent~ I think this mixed with a vanilla would be awesome

Number 5- sweet, sweet ,sweet smell ,creamy has a spice note (Honeysuckle)

Number 6 I was worried because I love this scent that it would not perform well. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT ! love……love….love……LOVE! I think I could break out in song and dance!

Number 7  hmm I like this scent ! 😦 but I do not think it makes a great candle though …so sad (but ok it still is great in other products! Smells like green grass

Number 8  Herbal, powder, eucalyptus , creamy I liked it in candles!!

Number 9 I know I sound like I always seem to give it a negative review , but I think I have found what this scent will be good for. My sushi soaps!! yeah , this did not smell very good in my bathroom but it did have a good throw . I did not burn a candle the next day because I could still smell it! so yeah for that!:)

Number 10  Rose is what I smelled  not overpowering , notes of green mixed in too!

That was Fun! I took all the rest of the half  burned tea lights to Kansas this week to my husbands apartment ( he is working on a school out there , hopefully on for a few more months) His apartment never smelled so good!!!

Coming up next is my conclusion……. So sad Its over!!


My Fizzy People for S.O.A.P panel For Bramble Berry

I love baths ! I take one every night ! I love bath fizzies packed with skin softening butters! I wanted to make sure I tested a batch of these guys!

I know they are Gingerbread men ! But in my soapy world they are my Fizzy People . I wrote soapy people but it was really late when I made these , and when I took the picture I fixed it! lol

I made my batch of fizzy mix that is packed with oils and cocoa butter and shea butter. I mixed in a little cup and used my dropper and a spoon ti mix fast and pack in the mold. I made two one for me and one to share . I love paying it forward ! So for my fizzy people there where no discolorations .

These were tested in my bath for 10 days!!  I am not complaining….:) I love my bath time I was a little worried if I was going to like 5 or 9 though so I saved for my last two days..

Number 1 ~ it was nice and floral but not over powering

Number 2~this make a great bath fizzy scent great for summer!!!!!

Number 3~ This was my favorite of the 3 gardenias! Refreshing

Number 4~ Lilac bath it had creamy notes in the bath I really liked this too

Number 5~ It has a sweet note , It was not bad ( I tried to put my feelings aside ) really was not bad

Number 6~ HEAVEN really needs to be called that!!!!! 🙂 I was so sad that my bath had to end. And for some reason the one I had  to give disappeared………:) I do not know where it could be. OK I have it and no one is taking it!  ok back to the list people –

Number 7~ Fresh I liked it a lot!

Number 8 ~ Herbal bath time , with a cup of tea! love this in bath fizzy!

Number 9 ~ This scent is going to bug me so bad ! It has an earthy , seaweed, gingerish?

Number 10 ~reminded me of my Grandmothers rose-water but not Frenchy like , very fresh

Thanks for stopping by and reading all my ramblings of the s.o.a.p. panel results and I want to thank 

 Bramble Berry  too!   Holly

Room Spritzer testing with S.O.A.P Panel scents from Bramble Berry

So last week I made my Room spritzer and made mini ones using the test panel scents from Bramble berry . Well with them being small I sprayed my car and my small bath room. Well my car smelled so good when I went to my coffee shop the girl thought I had flowers in my car!

I wanted to test a lot of products that I make so I made lots of mini projects. These had 1 mil. of scent  I sprayed my car and went in to work for 6 hours and came out and my car still had great scent flowing through it.

Here are my thoughts of the scents for room sprays

number 1 ~~~~ Too much for a car but great for a bathroom spray~floral, flowery,straight scent

number 2~~~~ Love this room spray ~floral sweet light flower note

number3~~~~ this one was good too, floral, flowery stayed the longest out of the first 3

number 4~~~~fresh lilacs, relaxing flower notes this made a great room spray

number 5 ~~~~ hmmmmmm yeah did not play well ……………

number 6~~~~ ok I know I have talked a lot about six but dang it I love it and it has been number one in all my products so far!!! love love , fresh clean scent (still think it still is sweet pea)

number 7 — this one works as a room spray too! scent stayed strong (it did not fade) as fast as some.

number 8~~ This would make a great linen spray , herbal nots of eucalyptus

number 9~~~~ hmmm played in the same sandbox as number 5

number 10 ~~~ with the notes of rose , this would be a good a bathroom spray ~rose water

Thanks www.brambleberry.com for letting me test on the s.o.a.p panel!

Next test was on bath fizzies!!!  results coming soon!